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Researching and Writing

Teaching Experience

Teaching: Experience

Reacting to the Past

Fall 2016, 2017
Spring 2017, 2018

Introduction to American Government

Fall 2018

U.S. Foreign Policy

Spring 2019, Fall 2021

International Relations in East & Southeast Asia

Fall 2019

World War I in Real Time (Formal Theory)

Spring 2020

Politics in Japan

Fall 2020

Government Undergraduate Research Internship


Language, Politics, and Culture

Fall 2022

Political Economy of Asia

Spring 2023

Human Rights and World Politics

Summer 2023

Introduction to Comparative Political Institutions

Fall 2023

Workshops, Guest Lectures, and Panels

Teaching: Projects

Reacting to the Past

Guest Lecture

Led discussion with and lectured on content to 30 undergraduate freshman about topics ranging from the political spectrum to the conceptualization of ethnic identity, and from regime type to Ancient Chinese History.


  • Fall 2016

  • Spring 2017

  • Fall 2017

  • Spring 2018

Guest Lecturer.

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