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Book Projects

Gender, Ethnicity, and Intersectionality in Cabinets: Asia and Europe in Comparative Perspective

Amy H. Liu, Roman Hlatky, Keith Padraic Chew, Eoin L. Power, Sam Selsky, Betty Compton, and Meiying Xu.

R&R and Under Contract at Cambridge University Press

Research: Projects

Current Projects

Article Projects

Keith Padraic Chew and Amy H. Liu

Gender, Ethnicity, and Intersectionality in Government Cabinets: Evidence from Asia

R&R at Journal of Politics
Presented at 2023 APSA: Comparative Politics of Developing Countries. New Frontiers in Identity Politics. Panelist, Presenter.

Keith Padraic Chew

Effects of Gender and Ethnicity on Corruption Perceptions: Evidence from Malaysia

Under Review
Presented at 2023 SEAREG. 2023 SEAREG Fellow, Presenter.

Overos, Henry, Roman Hlatky, Ojashwi Pathak, Jordan Dewar, Keith Padraic Chew, Johanna K. Birnir, Amy H. Liu, and Ernesto Calvo.

AMAR and the Machine: Assisted Text Analysis for Coding of Cross-Sectional Time Series Data.

Under Review

Jap, Jangai, Amy H. Liu, and Keith Padraic Chew

Myanmar Diaspora and Homeland Politics

Working Paper

Keith Padraic Chew

Preferences vs. Identity: Programmatic and Ethnoregional Linkage Parties and Electoral Consequences for Policy Shifts

Working Paper

Keith Padraic Chew

Institutionalizing Diversity: Multiethnic Cabinets in Divided Societies

Working Paper

Presented at 2020 Texas Global. Global Professional Training: East and Southeast Asia Symposium. Panelist, Presenter

Research: CV
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